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Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God.


The three major religions of the Western world all believe in one God—the God of Abraham. The history can be traced back to 2200 BC, when a newborn baby was abandoned and left to die, deep in a dark cave. [Continue Reading]

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Can faith and reasoning coexist? Do creation and evolution theories have to be at odds with each other?


Since the renaissance of the 15th century, scientists have questioned whether our universe was created by a greater god or by something more scientifically explainable. The debate hit the mainstream in 1859, when Charles Darwin published his theory that all [Continue Reading]

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It may be time for spirituality to evolve.


The world has changed more in the past fifty years than in all the years of mankind’s existence before. The world is a much smaller place, with every corner explored. We communicate with each other from hemisphere to hemisphere in [Continue Reading]

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Isn’t the term “Holy War” a contradiction?


In biblical times, the early Israelites attacked the lands of Canaan under the leadership of Moses and Joshua. The Israelites included 600,000 warriors and their families, and they needed a new home. They justified their blatant attack on Jericho and [Continue Reading]

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Do we not all praise one God? It may be just how we chose to, that we differ.


Whether it be God, Allah, Buddha or Brahma, we rejoice in our Creator and live by his moral laws. We may worship through different rituals and celebrate through different festivals. But the tenets of all religions are the same: that [Continue Reading]

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The Pope eases up on homosexuality and contraception.


The new Pope has proven he will walk a different path. Although the media reports that Pope Francis, who is from Argentina, is the first non-European Pope in history, he is actually the second. Pope Gelasius served in the fifth [Continue Reading]

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