About the Book

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Just as peace seems possible, an unknown assassin carries out a violent attack in Jerusalem’s Old City. The tenuous pax is shattered. Christians, Jews and Muslims blindly retaliate with increasingly brutal and disturbing acts of terrorism and revenge. The world watches, paralyzed and terrified, as disciples from each culture carry out their own forms of justice. Bombs level holy sites, planes fall from the sky, and nations prepare for an all-out, global war.

On the brink of absolute chaos, one individual near death is chosen to intervene. He alone is able to stop the bloodletting. Only his guidance can instill brotherhood among all religions. Through his actions the bloodletting can cease and a new peace be forged. But first, hospitalized and broken, and with the love of his life holding vigil at his side, he must take a journey towards enlightenment.

Reluctant at first, he encounters many strange and wonderful religious figures along his path. Eventually, our hero learns that the world’s religions share many universal beliefs and truth, and should bind humankind together rather than tear us apart.

Having completed his journey of enlightenment, the humbled messenger must now embrace his dangerous destiny. Armed with powerful knowledge, he will attempt to lead humankind towards enlightenment and ultimately, peace. If he should fail? Then humanity could very well destroy itself once and for all.