About Greg

FINAL-HEAD-SHOT Greg Masse has dedicated many years of his life to learning about the world’s religions. And Then Came Peace—a work of fiction—was conceived and written after Greg’s intensive studies and thorough immersion in Middle Eastern cultures led him to conclude that rather than being divisive, the world’s religions in their purest, original forms actually have the power to unite mankind.

After an executive career in the marketing industry, Greg returned to college to study theology and comparative religion while, at the same time, started a boutique advertising agency. Within ten years, the agency was accredited with worldwide awards for outstanding creative and, in 2003, Greg sold it to focus on his personal interests: religion and creative writing.


Greg has been around the globe twice and explored the founding nations of the world’s major religions. Specifically, in his most recent circumnavigation, Greg visited more than a dozen countries and got to know their peoples as he researched and wrote this breakthrough novel. Greg is knowledgeable about the myriad of emotional, cultural, religious, historical, political and territorial issues complicating the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.

And Then Came Peace is the product of seven years of research and writing by Greg, who resides in Canada and Florida.