Can faith and reasoning coexist?

Since the renaissance of the 15th century, scientists have questioned whether our universe was created by a greater God or something more scientifically explainable. The debate hit mainstream in 1859, when Charles Darwin published his theories that all living things on the planet had evolved over hundreds of millions of years—including man. Darwin provided evidence that man was not created in the form of God but, rather, had evolved from earthly organisms, the most recent being apes.

And so opened perhaps the greatest debate of our contemporary world. Was our world created by God, or has it, through a mix of proven chemistry equations, laws of physics and biological developments, scientifically progressed? One theory is supported by faith; the other, by reason. This debate has itself evolved from one within churches and laboratories to one disputed within governments, courts, schools and families.

But does the debate have to exist? Can both theories work together and, perhaps, even complement each other? Can one not be the natural code of progress and the other the distinguishing spirit in man? Is it not possible that both are guided by a Creator? Stay tuned.

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