For Land, not Religion – The Israeli and Palestinian Struggle Reignites with Tragic Consequences.

Israelis vs. Palestinians. This is a battle over the control of land. Once the nine-month Peace Talks between them ended last April, both sides dug in and it was only a matter of time before the Intifada (Arabic for rebellion) exploded between them. It only took 3 months for each side to be at the other’s throat.

The Jewish–Muslim and Israeli–Palestinian conflict remains the single most important unresolved international issue. It has affected our entire world, and the might of our largest nations has been drawn in.

Other than a period of 100 years during the Crusades, Palestine and the Middle East have been Muslim for 1400 years. In 1948, backed by the U.K. and the U.S., the Jewish state of Israel was formed as a haven for the Jews displaced by German atrocities during WWII. To form Israel, land was taken from Muslim Palestinians and since then, the Palestinians having been fighting to get the land, or a part of it, back. Although seen as a religious conflict, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict is about land control, like never before, as two nations promised the land of a third to a fourth because of the crimes of a fifth.

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has ignited the struggle between Arab Muslims and the West as the Muslims are resisting the Western—mostly American and British—influence in their region. Extremist Muslims see it as oppression and are fighting back. This land was vital to economic gain during the Crusades, yet it is even more valuable today with the precious oil below its hot sands. Muslim extremists have incited their Holy War, misinterpreting Islamic scripture from the Quran and motivating their naive followers, while the real struggle is, once again, over land and control of that land.

Like the different colors of pieces on a chess board, different religions can easily separate opponents between the lines. It does not matter which is black or which is white, and it isn’t for the look that the battle takes place. It is for control of the squares, the defining lines, the borders, and ultimately, control of the board. The colors, like religions, are just the simplest and most motivating label on the battlefield.

Israel vs. Palestine. Neither side is right or wrong. Each is the victim of events and consequences. Each acts for what they believe to be the well being of their nation. And, each blames the other.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is simply explained in this link. Check it out and you’ll have the knowledge.

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