Violence only breeds more violence.

Studies at an Israeli university have proven that Israeli teens exposed to Palestinian rocket attacks in southern Israel are more violent and vengeful in later life. This may be the root of the Palestinian conflict, as Israelis and Palestinians both seek out revenge for the spilled blood of family and close friends.

Perhaps it should have been in Palestine’s Gaza Strip, where the rocket fire originated, that the studies were conducted. If these rockets from Gaza had such a profound effect on Israelis, what does that mean for those Palestinians living in Gaza? They endured more than 1,500 casualties, mostly of children and innocent families, in only four weeks of fighting in 2008 and 2012, while Israel had only 19 related deaths.

On second thought, were these studies even needed? Is it not common sense that violence only begets violence and revenge only creates more revenge? As the cliché goes, if you seek out revenge, first dig two graves—one for those you seek revenge upon and one for yourself.

Here is a post about it from The Daily Beast >>

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