A rattled week in the Middle East: Israel/Palestine peace talks off to an unsteady start, massacre in Egypt, and Iran accelerating its nuclear program.

Just days before the Israeli and Palestinian peace talks started, Israel provoked the Palestinians with the announcement of 1,200 new Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The United Nations has deemed all Israeli settlement in the West Bank illegal, but Israel has been left alone to continue building there. In 40 years, more than a half-million Israeli settlers have moved into the West Bank.

The same day the Israeli and Palestinian peace talks began, Egyptian security forces stormed deposed President Morsi supporters, bringing the death toll in Egypt’s crackdown to over 600 and the number injured to more than 4,000. Despite the bloody assault, supporters of the ousted president vowed only to strengthen their protest. Most of the supporters are with the fundamental Muslim Brotherhood and won’t back down, or easily forget.

Meanwhile, Israel claims that Iran is accelerating its nuclear weapon capability.

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