Perhaps this 12-year-old should be Egypt’s next president.

A middle-school student gave a concise report on Egypt’s latest revolution. Amid the chaos, this young boy remains steadfast and knows what is needed for his country to thrive.

“We protest the confiscation of the Egyptian constitution by one party. We didn’t get rid of a military regime to replace it with a fascist theocracy,” Ahmed explains.

He so cleverly defines a theocracy as the manipulation of religion and the enforcement of extreme regulations in the name of religion, even though religion doesn’t demand it.

When asked how he knew this, he replied, “If you listen to the people and use your own brain, you can see that this does not work. Economic empowerment, freedom and social justice are what are needed.” Religion and government should not be mixed.

He makes a plea for fair democracy in Egypt. Check him out on YouTube. Over two million viewers already have.

Watch his plea here on YouTube >>


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