Even Israel is confused whether peace can come between them and Palestine. This month, two top Israeli politicians had opposite opinions.

When it comes to resolving the Israeli-Palestine conflict, the problem may come down to politics as Israeli politicians can’t agree on a direction for peace.

The Israeli general assembly, the Knesset, has 120 seats and over 30 political parties battle for representation. In the January 2013 election, 33 different parties ran and 13 parties won seats. Benjamin Netanyahu’s party, Likud, won the most seats with 20 and when combined with Yisrael Beiteinu party, with which a pre-election alliance was formed, won a total of 31 seats.

This is still long way from the 60 seats needed to form a government. And so, the winning leader, once again Netanyahu, had to make compromises with different parties to form a legitimate government.

Below, two ministers in Netanyahu’s new government have very different ideas about the future of peace with Palestine.

Here is one side from Polymic >>

And here is the other side from The Global Post >>

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